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Kimani Key

Kimani has even decided to take his skill development expertise a step further by teaming up with world-renowned skill trainer, Ganon Baker, by joining The Nation! The Nation is an elite group of Skill Development Coaches across the globe that work together to improve each other’s businesses and in turn those they are helping to develop.  

Kimani’s passion and love for basketball can be seen through his very unique skills development workouts. He works tirelessly to incorporate skill work into game like situations, in hopes that players translate their work into real games, allowing workouts to be very intense and fun. He wants players to push themselves and workout at game speed while also learning the game of basketball. One of his goals as a skills development coach is to see players reach their full potential as a basketball player and as a person. His knowledge of the game through playing experience and film study along with his willingness to share that knowledge makes training with him really special!

Kimani Key, recognized by the Alabama Sport Writers Association as an All-State selection in 2012, and is arguably one of the best and most efficient shooters to play basketball in the state of Alabama. He is in the state’s record book for holding one of the top five all-time three point percentages to prove it. Kimani was recruited to play Division 1 basketball at Alabama State University. After completing 1 season he transferred to the University of Montevallo where he finished his collegiate career and graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology.

Kimani’s passion for skills development began to grow throughout his time in college. He would always notice himself leading the workouts when he and other players would go to the gym to get in some extra work. He also found himself doing the same things when he’d go home for the summer or just for a weekend. It could be friends or kids who had grown up watching him play and sometimes even parents asking can their child get in the gym with him.




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