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Morgan William dribbling a basketball

Work To Reach Your Dreams.

DeWanna Bonner of the Conneticut Suns dribbling down the court.

Player Development At Its Finest.

Miyah Barnes of UAB dribbles up the court.

Constant Commitment. Constant Dedication. Constant Drive.

Coach Cedric Hunter


Kimani Key has always been dedicated to whatever he participated in. I met him for the 1st time as an 8th grader. It was evident at that age he was a student of his craft. He continued to work on the things that would make himself successful on the court and off but that’s normal for kids who are good at their sport. What was not normal was around the 11th grade he started to share that knowledge with his peers and the kids coming behind him that looked up to him and that’s what separates him from anyone else, it’s not about him. It’s about helping the next person be a little better today than they were yesterday.”​


—  Cedric Hunter,

     Asst. Girls Basketball Coach,

     Hewitt-Trussville HS

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