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Skills Academy
Details & Information

2024 Skills Academy Schedule: March - December



Keep Grinding Basketball Skills Academy is designed to improve and build a complete basketball player. We will focus on individual skills, (i.e., footwork, ball handling, passing, shooting, driving, finishing, and defense) through our on-court training. Players will also learn team concepts that will build overall basketball IQ. The Academy will give athletes the opportunity to compete, have fun, and learn from experienced trainers, coaches, and former college/professional players. We will also place a huge focus on our off the court programs as well by offering year round Strength and Performance Training and Speed Training Programs that will allow our athletes to gain strength, mobility, coordination, and injury prevention techniques to play their respective sports at a high level.





All purchases are final. There will be NO REFUNDS. Payments cover gym closings and personal absences. Sessions do not rollover and there will also be no makeups or credits for missed classes. (NO EXCEPTIONS) 


A 30 day written notice is required if you plan to withdraw from the Academy. You will be billed/charged if notice is not made prior to the 30 day window of the next billing cycle.

Single session purchases and session drop-ins are available for purchase if you are not a member. 

Cash or check payments are allowed if you are paying in advance. (2 month minimum)

We ask that all athletes wear the Keep Grinding apparel to all skill classes/sessions. Shirts are available for purchase/order.

All classes you plan to attend must be booked through the PushPress Members app. Unbooked walk-ins are not allowed. If a class is full, please join the waiting list and you will be notified if an opening becomes available.  


We ask that athletes arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class and be checked in at the front desk.


Parents/Guardians are not allowed to attend skill sessions. Upon request, assessments can be sent home for instruction on what athletes need to work on outside of class. 

Video recordings are NOT ALLOWED during any classes.

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Beginners (Blue)

2nd-4th Grade (Co-Ed): Players with an interest in basketball who are in the beginning stages and looking to gain basic skills.

(At least 1+ Years of Rec) Please inquire if interested. No current classes, but will add if we have high interest.

Intermediate Level I: YOUNG BALLERS (Red)

4th-6th Grade (Co-Ed): Players must understand and be able to perform basic basketball moves and movements. 

(At least 2+ Years of Rec or 1+ Years of Travel)

Intermediate Level II: MS/HS HOOPERS (Gray)

7th-10th Grade (Co-Ed): Players beyond the basics, and able to perform game-like moves and understand game-like situations.

(At least 3+ Years of Rec or 2+ Years of Travel)

Intermediate Level III: HS HOOPERS (Black)

8th-12th Grade (Co-Ed): Players with varsity basketball experience ONLY.

(At least 6+ Years of Rec or 4+ Years of Travel)


Advanced Level

College Players and Invite Only HS Players




Proper group placement is determined by skill level and basketball exposure, not by age or grade. If you are unaware of a players skill level, please schedule a consultation for proper class placement. 

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